Finding the front of our bonsai tree

Tips we learned in Beginning bonsai class for how to locate the front of your bonsai tree. Locating the front will determine the course of your tree pruning and wiring in the future.

I call her “Tortilla”, the bonsai-in-training

My new favorite baby, "Tortilla" is an Euryops. She's a bonsai-in-training now. I got her in a 2 gallon pot at the nursery and now here she is: I heavily trimmed her, but didn't hard prune her. I liked her original height for the most part and wanted to leave her canopy of leaves growing. … Continue reading I call her “Tortilla”, the bonsai-in-training

Swap Meet Quicky = Score!

Another busy sports weekend for this family, dominated by all-day soccer on Saturday. An 8:30am start left us almost no time in the morning...almost. Amber and I were itching to find some sweet deals on plants or containers, so we headed to our local "Santee Swap Meet" at 6:30am. This¬†sunrise made the early start worth … Continue reading Swap Meet Quicky = Score!

Learning from succulent enthusiasts

  I¬†wasn't on Instagram too long before I picked up on the fact that a lot of succulent enthusiasts look to Debra Lee Baldwin as an expert in the field. She is the author of numerous books on succulents and succulent gardening. She clearly knows her stuff. So Baldwin's YouTube videos were the first I … Continue reading Learning from succulent enthusiasts