Swap Meet Quicky = Score!

Another busy sports weekend for this family, dominated by all-day soccer on Saturday. An 8:30am start left us almost no time in the morning...almost. Amber and I were itching to find some sweet deals on plants or containers, so we headed to our local "Santee Swap Meet" at 6:30am. This sunrise made the early start worth … Continue reading Swap Meet Quicky = Score!


Learning from succulent enthusiasts

  I wasn't on Instagram too long before I picked up on the fact that a lot of succulent enthusiasts look to Debra Lee Baldwin as an expert in the field. She is the author of numerous books on succulents and succulent gardening. She clearly knows her stuff. So Baldwin's YouTube videos were the first I … Continue reading Learning from succulent enthusiasts

Rescue plants from the swap meet

There were these three sad little plants waterlogged in a non-draining bucket at swap meet. They looked like umbrellas - which I've since learned was their last stretch up, last attempt to stay alive. They were reaching for the light (and trying to jump out of that moldy soil I'm sure). When I got them … Continue reading Rescue plants from the swap meet

Plants, magical plants

Our love for plants is not new. Our addiction to them is though. But it's a damn good addiction to have and it feels amazing. We had over a week off together - all of us, the whole family (whaaaat)! Of course, our two older children mainly just like to be left to do their … Continue reading Plants, magical plants

It’s my first time propagating succulents

It is very exciting to see our first cuttings starting to propagate. We rescued this succulent plant from the clearance shelf at Home Depot. All of its stems had rotted and just a few caps were still alive and struggling. We are very new to raising succulents, but we have some large jade plants around … Continue reading It’s my first time propagating succulents

Still trying to understand plant names

I'm learning more about how to classify plants, the history of plant classification, and how they get their names. Here's what I know so far...

Getting a grasp on the taxonomic plant code

Wow is there a lot to understand about plant classification.  At this point, it actually seems like an impossible amount.  But that's just at this point...the beginning. The beginning of our learning and doing adventure. These posts are really just our notes and journal entries for what we are learning and absorbing each day.  Some … Continue reading Getting a grasp on the taxonomic plant code