Bonsai Class, Round 2…Wiring.

So I have to admit that I was pretty nervous walking into the second bonsai class.  It had been a month since our last class (read more about that here), my elm barely had leaf growth and my bonsai partner was off parenting in Manhattan Beach. I was early so I picked a spot near the … Continue reading Bonsai Class, Round 2…Wiring.

Initial Trimming of our Elm bonsai

So we recorded the majority of our Elm bonsai-in-training, or "potensai", and posted the videos on our YouTube channel. The trimming session was split into a series of 5 short videos. Please go check them out. Our trainer talks through a lot of what he is doing, and drops some pretty good information. Below, I … Continue reading Initial Trimming of our Elm bonsai

Our first San Diego Bonsai Club meeting

We are thrilled to say we've been to our first meeting as members of the world famous San Diego Bonsai Club (SDBC) in Balboa Park. Oh wait, it's the San Diego Zoo that's world famous. Anyway, Balboa Park is a favorite family spot; A took Chinese brush art classes in the artisan's square for awhile and … Continue reading Our first San Diego Bonsai Club meeting