T and his new orange tree

Our son bought his own orange tree
T and his first orange tree

We have three kids: a 14 yr old daughter, 12 yr old son, and “T” is our youngest son at five years old. T is the one with a love for plants and trees. He enjoys going to the nurseries with us, loves choosing plants to be his.

At the Plant House the other day, he got his heart set on an orange tree. It wasn’t in our plant budget that day and he said “I’ll use my Christmas money, please, please, please”.

Of course, how could a tree not be a great way to spend his money? But he’s five and we didn’t want him to regret it. We told him he should think about it overnight and if he still really wanted the tree, it was his money to spend and of course he could get it.

“I thought about it and I definitely want the orange tree at the nursey”. Those were pretty much the first words out of his mouth the next morning.

So he got his orange tree. He picked the one with one juicy ripe orange, and that orange was delicious.

T checks on his orange tree every day.


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