Swap Meet Quicky = Score!

Another busy sports weekend for this family, dominated by all-day soccer on Saturday. An 8:30am start left us almost no time in the morning…almost. Amber and I were itching to find some sweet deals on plants or containers, so we headed to our local “Santee Swap Meet” at 6:30am. This sunrise made the early start worth it.


Swap meet was not crowded at all, and some vendor spots were empty as rain has been spoiling our weekends lately.

Plants purchased at swap meet
Some of the succulents we scored at swap meet

The usual plant guy we look forward to visiting was not there, but we found a lady who runs a nursery/produce store in Linda Vista. We could tell immediately after engaging with her that she loved her succulents. And her succulents clearly loved her. They were beautiful and full and happy as could be. On top of all this, she was selling them for killer prices. So we scored.

fullsizerenderWe also stopped at a couple booths in search of containers for our succulents and bonsai. It was super early in the seller’s weekend, so most weren’t budging easily from their asking prices. But we did find our kinda guy.

He had a whole table of plates and potential containers. We picked and sorted through several boxes until finally deciding on a handful of items. The vendor was more then fair with his prices, so much so that we just had to get additional treasures. Needless to say, we scored.

All in all, we were in and out of the swap meet in about an hour, spent under $20 (this included both of our admissions), and walked away with 16 happy plants and 16 really cool containers. We did not plan the “16s” by the way, it just happened.img_9388


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