Learning from succulent enthusiasts


Succulent arrangement gift
First succulent arrangement

I wasn’t on Instagram too long before I picked up on the fact that a lot of succulent enthusiasts look to Debra Lee Baldwin as an expert in the field. She is the author of numerous books on succulents and succulent gardening. She clearly knows her stuff.

So Baldwin’s YouTube videos were the first I watched on succulent arrangements. Oh my gosh, did I learn a lot about creating great arrangements.

The cool thing is, I also learned a lot about succulents and succulent care in general. I took a lot of notes and just want to capture them here, starting with arranging succulents that pop and are pleasing to the eye.

So I created my first succulent arrangement before I watched the videos. Here it is:

Creating great succulent arrangements

Succulent arrangement gift
First succulent arrangement I created with baby succulents.

Here are tips I picked up from Baldwin’s videos:

  • Use at least three plants and think in odd numbers (more pleasing to the eye)
  • If it will be a “symmetrical” arrangement (no obvious front, can be viewed from all sides), have thrilller plant facing up.
  • If there is an obvious front, you want to tip rosettes towards the front / viewer
  • Contrast and repetition are the keys to an outstanding arrangement
  • Aeoniums are super sensitive to touch and will show abrasions easy, don’t touch leaves when adding to an arrangment


  • It looks like I used an odd number of plants, but it might be more pleasing on the eye with fewer number of plants.
  • This is a side-view, my arrangement has an obvious front and I did tip the plants in the right direction (pat on the back, ha ha)
  • I could use more contrast and repetition.

I’m still happy with it, it’s my first one, how could I not be?!




3 thoughts on “Learning from succulent enthusiasts

      1. I have a thing for stones as my kids used to gift me with their treasures along their hikes. I miss that. But I still have their stones and I enjoy seeing them among the succulents. Looking forward to your posts and learning. Have a happy day!


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