Rescue plants from the swap meet

There were these three sad little plants waterlogged in a non-draining bucket at swap meet. They looked like umbrellas – which I’ve since learned was their last stretch up, last attempt to stay alive. They were reaching for the light (and trying to jump out of that moldy soil I’m sure).

When I got them home I discovered they were just three caps stuck in the dirt long enough for their stems to start rotting. But there was enough healthy stem to give me hope. I cut off all the molding dying stems and let the caps callous for a few days. I made sure they were calloused before I planted them.

That was on Friday, six days ago. Look at them now (poor scarred babies):

They are perking up and picking up color. They were a completely bland green before and now their centers are light with a pink tint. I’m so excited, they seem happy, they seem like they are going to make it. It will be so cool to watch them recover and see how they look when they are happy and healthy.


Got lots of their leaves in my propagation trays too, so maybe we’ll have babies!


One thought on “Rescue plants from the swap meet

  1. They were lucky you were there to save them! I love succulents! Your propagation trays are fantastic. I hope you get a lot of new plants out of them. Well done on the rescue! And best wishes to you for 2017! Koko 🙂


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