Plants, magical plants

Our love for plants is not new. Our addiction to them is though. But it’s a damn good addiction to have and it feels amazing. We had over a week off together – all of us, the whole family (whaaaat)! Of course, our two older children mainly just like to be left to do their own thing, but our youngest loves to hang out with us and he LOVES being outdoors, plants and cooking, so it all jives.

Our colorful pots and plants

Jason and I decided to give each other a garden for Christmas and I can’t count how many magical hours we spent creating that garden; selecting plants and pots, organizing it all (thanks J!), taking pictures of our happy new babies and learning, learning, learning. He said it was the best vacation ever, I would add “the most magical” to that.

We look at it as our own nursery already. Natural care-taking roles are evolving as he takes lead on bonsai care and I take lead on succulent care.

There’s a lot to care for already (yay, yay, yes, yes, yes!!).

New homes for our new babies

We have leaf propagation trays, cutting trays, trays of babies, pots and pots of toddlers, and shelves of bonsai trees in-training. It’s like a flood of joy.

And it’s magical to be in this together, to both feel so much drive and passion that we’re up and out early doing something or other for the garden. Which is classifying plants right now, WHAT are all these beauties that surround us now?

Echeveria through my fun fish-eye lens (Christmas present) 

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