It’s my first time propagating succulents

leaf-regrowth1It is very exciting to see our first cuttings starting to propagate. We rescued this succulent plant from the clearance shelf at Home Depot. All of its stems had rotted and just a few caps were still alive and struggling.

We are very new to raising succulents, but we have some large jade plants around our house that need pruning. This got me curious about how I might be able to propagate new plants from the cuttings. A quick google search confirmed it was an easy thing to do and this lit a fire under me. I love plants. I want more plants around. There is so much for me to learn and it is so exciting.

Propogating succulent plants
Succulent caps thriving and rooting

So when I saw this succulent on the clearance shelf, I felt pretty confident that we would be able to save the caps and start new plants. A month later and the plants are thriving. So much so that I took the caps off a couple stems already so the plant will grow fuller and strong. You can see in this image how happy this little baby is and also the two stems that I cut the caps off.

I’ve learned this is what is commonly called the “jelly bean” plant, it is from the Sedum (stonecrop) genus  and it propagates easily. So it’s a good choice for one of my first propagation adventures.

I’ve also started to propagate some of these from leaves. I’ll update in a couple of weeks on success or failure….

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