Aurora – Our first Sacred Bamboo bonsai

“Aurora” is of the species Nandina domestica – common names include Sacred Bamboo and Heavenly Bamboo.

Starting her bonsai training

Aurora is a sucker I dug up and cut from a larger Sacred Bamboo shrub out in the yard. I felt confident in her ability to survive because the bud union she was sprouting from had a decent root system.

I planted her in our cactus soil mix, which is currently 2/4 cactus soil, 1/4 small gravel, and 1/4 perlite. We’re thinking of switching it to a mix of 1/3 of each soil/gravel/perlite for a little less soil to gravel and perlite ratio. We got lots of rain this week and I’m wishing the soil dried a little quicker. It does drain well though.


aurora_sb2_12-21-16Since Aurora was cut from the main mother root, I trimmed back her branches quit a bit too. I’m learning that there has to be balance. If roots are trimmed, some branches must be trimmed. Otherwise, the long branches are out of balance with the shorter roots, and tax the roots too much.

I think I did the right trimming for Aurora to carry on happy and healthy.

Watering schedule

It has rained twice here since I re-potted Aurora. Which is a lot for San Diego. She has not dried out.

She’s about a week into life in her new pot.

I’m hoping she keeps on keeping on, and sticks around as an awesome bamboo bonsai for years to come. I kind of love her. A lot.


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